AN, Ltd. provides Management Consulting and Information Systems services to industry.

The senior personnel of AN, Ltd. have decades of experience in the core disciplines of the firm's business. Some are subject matter experts who have been engaged as expert witnesses in judicial and administrative proceedings.

All personnel of AN, Ltd., whether full time or occasional consultant, have been selected for their analytical ability, job skills and commitment to Customer Satisfaction. All perform in a professional manner, and all are comfortable acting individually, as a team member or as a team leader.

AN, Ltd is the successor to a firm that was founded over two decades ago by experienced professionals to provide contract support to energy, environmental and management services firms. From time to time, while on retainer to large firms, we were asked to locate and provide specialty support. As the availability of automation tools grew, we were increasingly required to provide services with a mix of business systems management and data systems management. We responded, and and we have kept pace with advancements in both areas.

Now that virtually every business function is automated or effected by automation, the current AN, Ltd. model assures that our support is based on a thorough understanding of both disciplines and of the crucial relationship between the two.

Simply put, AN, Ltd. does not just throw bodies and applications at problems, we solve them efficiently with the necessary people and the necessary tools.

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We are managing measured growth in our core areas and look forward to expanding our service to clients, existing and new.