The good news is: You Won The Contract!

The bad news is: You Won The Contract!

Now what? No doubt you've already implemented Parts A, B and C of AN, Ltd.'s Basic Contracts Preparation Kit, but are you actually prepared to make good on the promises you've made to the customer? - to your employees? - to the owners or stockholders?

Can you rapidly, efficiently, responsively and safely muster the resources needed to tackle the twin responsibilities of Program Management (Click here for more on that) and more importantly, Contract Management?

Innumerable pitfalls await the unwary, and the difference between competent management and expert management in this area can be the difference between profitability and fighting to survive, between follow-on work and the competitive struggle.

You cannot rely on your customer (agency or prime contractor) to protect your interests; you must have your own resources, and those resources must be effective.

We understand both the craft and the art of superior Contract Management.

The buyers make the rules, and you are free to operate any way you wish, within those rules. This is especially important in the government contracting game.

Consequently, a thorough understanding of such subjects as Method of Procurement, Type of Contract, Subcontracts, Changes, Audits, Adverse Actions, Claims, Administrative Performance and Close-outs (to name a few) are of vital importance to successful contract management. (for a brief synopsis of crucial Procurement Spectrum features, Click Here)

At AN, Ltd. we have decades of expert contract management consulting and support behind us. We provide superior support in all areas of acquisition, procurement and contracting. Whether in the contract, grant or cooperative agreement environment, that experience means lower costs and higher returns to even the experienced contractor.

The well prepared contractor uses AN, Ltd. You can see some brief examples of this Here.

Contact us for a prompt response and consultation on the safety and value afforded by professional contract management support.