You already know you can outsource certain functions to augment your in-house capabilities, but do you know how to assure that these resources are managed properly and their products are integrated effectively?.

We offer a single source for support in many of the areas that frequently need quick-turnaround help.

Our principles set us apart:

At AN, Ltd. we understand that we are in an advisory capacity; we let you define our authority, and we'll never try to exceed it.

We consult only in areas in which we are qualified to give advice.

We understand that Objectivity and Independence are absolutely essential.

We won't razzle-dazzle you with how we'll apply stylish methodologies before we even know the dimensions of the assignment or have bothered to become acquainted with the circumstances that caused you to seek our help.

Even though we can provide valuable insights simply by virtue of our "Outside" perspective, we do not limit ourselves to relaying observations to you. We work hard, accomplish the work that is assigned and deliver worthwhile services and products.

Rely on us to provide support for quick-turnaround jobs or long term campaigns. Some of the fields in which we excel are listed below. Click on your area of interest.

  • Triage/Troubleshooting
  • Independent Reviews
  • Process Analysis, Process Engineering
  • Operational Efficiency Improvements, "Best Practices"
  • Outsourced Acquisition Support & Team/Subcontract Management
  • Qualifying, Selecting and Acquiring Resources
  • Exceptional Proposal Preparation and Negotiations
  • Public and Government Affairs
  • Expert Contract Management
  • Skilled Solutions to Data Management Issues

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