A key area of AN, Ltd. expertise is in the interaction between the political and business communities, and the application of strategic communications counseling and public affairs activities for maximum advantage and benefit to our clients.

  • Representation Strategy Support Regardless of your industry, it is a certainty that the government (and to some extent customer industries and other special interests) will continue to attempt to shape, regulate, limit and impose or shift tax burdens in all sectors of the US economy.

    Government decision-makers are ill equipped to engage the vital issues in an informed manner, so industry must protect its interests by participating in the legislative process. To do so successfully, it needs to develop a strategic issues agenda in preparation for every emerging issue, and to have a means to speak with a single, clear, coherent voice to the general public and their representatives.

  • Communications Another vital function of representative or advocacy organizations is "getting the word out" to members, regulators and other interested parties. Effectively providing information and "making your case" are pivital to successful, cost effective operations, and no-one can manage these functions better than AN, Ltd.

    AN. Ltd. managers have professionally designed, implemented and managed all levels of association publication projects from official publications to "house-organs" to corporate and non-profit Web sites (See some examples here). We do this professionally, effectively and economically.

    We have furnished or managed resources that are responsible for all aspects of association publications including concept, design, layout, production, circulation and distribution.

    The rapid growth of the Internet provides an unprecedented opportunity for communications, coordination, research and information sharing. AN, Ltd. has special expertise in Association Management and in the Internet, an unbeatable combination for assuring your organization the greatest chance for current and future success.

    Because of our extensive and diversified political, legal and business expertise, we are able to quickly and effectively work with internal management and external counsel and consultants to develop and deploy strategic communications and public activities on a timely and coordinated basis.

    Our team has successfully managed regulatory and legislative issues on the federal, state, and local levels for major business and industrial clients, ranging from technology businesses to industrial manufacturers to major energy and transportation companies.

    We are devoted to protecting your organization's interests in the public, with the business community and with federal, state and local government bodies and agencies. We work seamlessly with resources of all kinds to represent you.

    You may wish to read our paper on THE BASICS OF LEGISLATIVE BRANCH RELATIONS, and then see some topical references on our Achievements / Examples Page under Public Affairs

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