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Proposal writing cannot be taken casually. All competitive proposals must follow and implement the organizations's "Win Strategy". (Read our Discussion on Winning)

All other proposals need to be crafted with care to:

  • assure that the recipient understands the proposal content,
  • assure that the recipient is 'sold' on the proposal objective, and
  • protect the writer from unreasonable expectations
  • Content, format, and other factors must be ideal for a proposal to be successful.

    AN, Ltd. has an exceptionally successful methodology for proposal management and a finely evolved content system to ensure that your proposals have the best chance to make the final cut!.

    We are expert at proposal preparation, review, and repair. We have over twenty years experience in the proposal arena (both soliciting and submitting). We understand the Terms And Conditions environment, and know what strategies and tactics succeed.

    Satisfied with your proposal resources? Engage us to Red-Team the product!

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