1. Analyzed Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) supply chain management systems and vendor compliance readiness-
  • Reviewed data
  • Interviewed DoD buyer and industry vendor personnel
  • Conducted surveys of vendors
  • Analyzed vendor capabilities
  • Analyzed VAN linkages to FACNET
  • Reviewed training requirements and assets
  • Developed improvements
  • Tested methods to increase participation and effectiveness
  • Presented recommendations.
  • 2. Administered non-profit foundation formed by senior corporate Human Resources executives to provide a national clearinghouse and resource center for employers facing plant closing or work force reductions. Developed and implemented the foundation's research, communications, publications, government affairs, and funding projects.

    3. For the Fairfax Electronic Commerce Resource Center, developed and implemented internal Configuration Management procedures and Documentation Standards.

    4. Conducted process flow analysis and re-engineering to support converting the US Coast Guard NTIS (Naval Technical Engineering Information System) from a paper-based system to an automated system.
  • Conducted interviews
  • Analyzed existing data
  • Reviewed and analyzed manual systems/processes
  • Prepared Feasibility Study findings
  • Briefed management
  • Reviewed data/documentation system industry capabilities and available applications
  • Prepared and managed incremental implementation plan
  • Developed and implemented system documentation model
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