1. Provided strategic counsel to clients in the electric utility, consumer electronics, and food manufacturing industries. Developed strategies to cope with crises as well as long term pro-active campaigns. Planned, organized, implemented and managed a wide range of options based on information and database analysis. Supervised communications, grassroots, public relations, media and advertising. Provided program analysis, budget control and benchmarking.

2. Developed business liaison program for a major medical foundation. Coordinated outreach to supporting corporations and organizations. Coordinated the implementation of a major "Signature" project to mark a new direction for and expansion of the foundation on its fiftieth anniversary.

3. Developed a major trade association's first membership database, resulting in grassroots media/communications programs to focus attention on and secure local support for key issues in targeted congressional districts and states. Direct campaign strategy, developed collateral materials, and update editorial page editors of daily newspapers and newspaper chains.

4. In one year designed and built the first industry relational database for a major manufacturing industry. This allowed creation of a critical political grassroots program. Managed all phases of development from concept to full strength activities. These included establishing political goals and tactical lobbying strategy, budget control ($1.8 million), program, staffing, external public relations & public affairs support and media relations. Provided liaison at senior staff and Board levels.

Directed the integration of corporate government relations with traditional public relations/public affairs functions.

5. Chief congressional lobbyist and Washington spokesman for $4.8 billion diversified corporation. Managed Washington office with staff of six. Developed and represented internal corporate policy on trade association, ad hoc coalition legislative and regulatory committees. Planned and implemented numerous political, regulatory and grassroots strategies designed to achieve specific corporate or general business goals. Evaluated and made recommendations on corporate planning projects.

6. Advised senior corporate and division officers on external and internal communication programs. Managed internal and agency public relations activities. Directed public relations department (thirteen staff and $3.6 million budget) with programs including:
  • trade and consumer press relations,
  • internal employee communications,
  • corporate and charitable events,
  • community affairs outreach, and
  • consumer response programs.
  • 7. Organized and supervised a major "first of its kind" industry-wide study concerning the economic impacts of waterborne transportation on individual State economies, and planned and conducted congressional, grassroots and media educational briefings and press conferences to present the study's findings and conclusions.

    8. Organized and directed national multi-industry lobbying coalitions which successfully defeated the previous Administration's budget proposal to increase the industry's fuel tax by $482 million per year, and organized labor's lobbying campaign to mandate unnecessary industry personnel requirements.

    9. Planned and directed a successful lobbying campaign to enact company specific tax transition rules concerning the corporate ESOP and exploration subsidiary structures, which saved the company over $150 million.

    10. Created and authored an online newsletter for the Fairfax Electronic Commerce Resource Center detailing legislative and legal issues of importance to small business entities.

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