We provide expert WEB design and hosting services for businesses, organizations and individuals.

The WEB is no longer an interesting toy or a luxury method for enhancing image, it's a business necessity.

Let us design or re-design your WEB site to support your business model. You may select anything from simple designs (fastest and often the best) to those including frames, tables, custom scripting (PHP, CGI, Java, Flash, etc.), forms, document management, bulletin boards, databases, video, sound, animated graphics, and other features and effects.

We can also:

  • Register your domain name (e.g. anltd.com)
  • Provide WEB hosting (Storing your site files on our servers)
  • Design, implement and manage e-mail systems from elementary to sophisticated
  • Submit your site to search engines, WEB rings, and banner or link exchange programs
  • Superior WEB site implementation can be very economical. Generally:

    Domain registration - support shouldn't exceed $100 per year.
    Site hosting - many sites can have professional, flexible and secure hosting for as little as $100 per month.
    Design - the largest cost variations appear in site design and development.
    and, of course... e-mail accounts & systems, graphics, data systems design and management, custom software, e-commerce (systems, links, billing, credit card management, etc.), document management, enterprise integration and more.

    At one end of the spectrum, an effective and expandable site can often be had for as little as a $2,000 one-time investment. At the other end there are $100,000 sites that are worth every cent. Costs for sites vary according to and depending on size, complexity, sophistication, activity levels and updating needs, but they need not be expensive for the average business, agency or non-profit organization. Because we are experienced and efficient, it is not unusual for our on-line development projects to come in at about half the cost of similar efforts by competitors. Client savings were even more dramatic on the REASA projects.

    See the brief write-up on the REASA projects and other examples Here.

    Methods for managing operations and information have made leaps and bounds through Internet-based technologies.

    Increase your control and profit by using the Internet or your own dedicated Intranet.

    Contact us immediately to get your improvements rolling.