Some plain talk about ability and performance, things that distinguish AN, Ltd. -
This is worth the five minutes or so it takes to read. It tells you some things about why we succeed - and you come out money ahead after we're through.

Management Excellence
To manage its affairs and the projects of its customers, AN, Ltd. has assembled an expert group of seasoned professionals. Each has been "in the trenches", and each has moved from entry to executive level positions in large organizations on the strength of their performance and abilities. Each of them now prefers the independence and efficiency of working for a small organization that serves businesses of all kinds and sizes.

Our managers are pro's who have just about run out of things to learn the hard way, so their problem-solving skills are unparalleled.

We operate on ideas, not notions, lore or whim.

A senior official of one of the world's premier management consulting and professional services firms was once asked to defend the renewal of our retainer agreement. He answered simply, "They have a knack for attending the meetings out of which come good decisions."

Although they are of varied training and backgrounds, a common feature of AN, Ltd. managers (and one of the things that brought them together) is Personal Integrity. You can trust AN, Ltd. managers, period.

AN, Ltd. is dedicated to producing results that are cost effective and lasting. During their combined work experience, the AN, Ltd. management team has seen practically all of the organizational and operational stunts there are. Our managers know that some of these are acceptable in one situation and not in others. Some are never acceptable. Our management experience assures that solutions be "right"; we know that bad practices bring temporary results at best, and most often bring lasting problems.

At AN, Ltd. we are quite creative, are confident that we can prevail in gamesmanship, and are seldom out-maneuvered. Nevertheless, the final check before implementation of a solution is, "Is this the right thing to do?" Clever fixes are one of our strengths, but any that would bring enduring problems are not solutions, and practicality dictates they be avoided. This guiding principle is built into our Q/A culture, and is one more example of our commitment to superior service and practical solutions.

A vital part of the creative mix necessary to assure superior performance is harmony among the participants. AN, Ltd. takes care not to jeopardize outcome because of friction within the team. This manifests itself in two ways:

  • we're not push-overs, but we know that, all other things being equal, cooperative efforts produce the best solutions in the least amount of time at the lowest cost.
  • we are very good at what we do, but we don't spend much effort telling you about that. We let our performance and its effects do that.
  • Resources
    AN, Ltd. uses the very best personnel, and we keep them involved in the solution process, regardless of their role, so that they can best serve our customers and can grow as their experience increases. We don't try to make points by knocking the competition, but frankly, many of the personnel that are in the management or information "solutions" business have merely been taught how to follow a rote list of procedures. It's not uncommon to have personnel, even managers or subject matter experts, touted as "having twenty years' experience" or some such, when in fact they actually have one year's experience, twenty times. You won't find that at AN, Ltd. Our personnel are selected for their talent and creativity; these cannot be taught. This also goes for the affiliates with whom we work.

    We are completely independent of any and all applications producers or re-sellers. We are careful in selecting the tools that we apply or suggest you apply, and we are careful in selecting our alliances so that we can maintain our disinterested status. We always fit the resources to the job; we never try to force an inappropriate existing solution on a problem or project. What is good for you is good for us, not vice-versa.

    We know how to accomplish more, faster and with less than most other firms, so no-one in the industry has lower direct cost of performance, and our efficient structure keeps our overhead low. This is both by design - we practice what we preach in simplicity and efficiency - and by the nature of our firm - we are management experts who came up through the administrative/operational ranks, so our internal support needs are lower. We can almost always perform for lower cost than other firms, and often for lower cost than even less experienced in-house resources.

    Our efficient structure also allows us to approach, analyze and attack problems instantly. Often we have discussed the project with the customer and are well on our way to a joint solution while larger, more structured firms are still in their conference room waiting for their impressive charts and presentations to be produced and reviewed and discussed and revised and finalized and blessed and delivered and...

    We are accountable to you. We know that. Further, we understand that. We would have it no other way. You determine what your desired outcome is, and AN, Ltd. helps you achieve that outcome. Because of this understanding:

  • you are always kept abreast of progress or problems,
  • you never have to be concerned that we will attempt to usurp your role as manager or expand our activities beyond our assignment
  • Discretion
    We do not discuss our customers or their problems, projects or solutions with others.

    Your business is none of anyone else's unless and until you choose to make it so.

    These are the reasons that we do what we do, and they explain why you should choose AN, Ltd. for support in our core areas.