1. Recently, we received the following e-mail from the Executive Director of a non-profit organization whose on-line information and data/document management systems and site we designed, built and are hosting:

"I just looked at all the work that you have done. What a great look you have created. I never dreamed we would look so professional and smooth. I particularly like the (on-line sign-up) system. You have done wonderful things.

"Thank you for all your effort. I know we made the right choice with you and your company."

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2. For a regional bookkeeping and tax service, we performed data analysis and systems design to develop a comprehensive but simple and inexpensive system that manages customer, product, job and ordering data and integrates with commercial accounting software (see
  • We reviewed retail and commercial product and service industry operations and processes
  • Interviewed commercial service firms' staff
  • Prepared demonstration model to secure financing
  • Designed and built comprehensive on-line (ASP) system
  • Took system to product implementation
  • Manage and maintain the system
  • 3. For Real Estate Automated Service Associates, LLC - We performed data analysis and system design that took their real estate information venture from concept to operational on-line retail ( and commercial ( Automated Valuation Modeling (AVM) product systems. In this effort we:
  • Conducted process review
  • Directed a team of data review and design consultants
  • Developed system architecture
  • Managed production system, including off-line modeling
  • Developed and implemented on-line data delivery systems
  • Prepared targeted marketing materials
  • Currently manage, maintain and upgrade data modeling, warehousing, archiving and delivery systems
  • AN, Ltd. support enabled them to acquire 2nd-round financing and implement fully functional systems that create and report real estate value estimates to customers.

    4. Chaired the US Chamber of Commerce Computers in Lobbying Task Force.

    5. Organized the Joseph E. Seagram & Sons, Inc. employee, supplier, vendor, sale, and marketing information into a database correlated to congressional districts.

    6. Planned and conducted corporate and association employee/member campaign to analyze, evaluate and re-engineer existing political action committees' data which more than doubled participation and fundraising results.

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